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DmC: Devil May Cry - Reboot Dante Tattoo by LilGayEmo
DmC: Devil May Cry - Reboot Dante Tattoo
One of the tattoo's that I wanted that of Dante that not a lot of people may like.

What are the real names of the wicked witches from the west and east of Oz. Some people are not quite sure which to call them.Knowing that everyone has seen the movie “The Wizard of Oz”, the musical “Wicked” and Disney’s “Oz the Great and Powerful”? Thinking on when the first Oz movie came out and when the Musical and when the 2013 movie “Oz the Great and Powerful” you would think that the name’s would stay the same somehow for at least two of these.


The Wizard of Oz

In the wizard of Oz, the witch of the west (or Miss Almira Gulch, when Doherty was in Kansas) appears to be in her mid-40’s, arriving at Doherty’s farm house and says that Doherty’s dog ToTo had bit her. When Doherty arrives in Oz for the first time and after meeting the people of Munchkinland and Glinda The good witch of the North, the wicked witch of the west flies into the town, finds her sister under the house and tries to take it out on Doherty because of the farm house falling out of the sky and landing on the witch of the west’s sister, the wicked witch of the east and tries to take the ruby slippers from Doherty. But not once does anything say the true names of the wicked witches of the west and east... No, not even once are they said.


Wicked- Musical and Book

For the book and musical of Wicked, the name of the wicked witch of the west was found out to be Elpaba, who was born with green skin thanks to an elixir that her mother was given to drink by an unknown man who was later found in the book and musical to be none other than the wizard of Oz. As for Elpaba’s sister, for those who only seen the wizard of Oz and Oz the great and powerful, would think the name of this sister is Eboniora or just the wicked witch of the east, in the book and musical it was found out to be Nessarose, who is unable to walk until Elpaba uses some of her magic to give her sister some ruby slippers to help her walk. But this moment does not last all to long when a strange object in the form of a farm house lands on Elpaba’s sister Nessarose.


Oz the Great and Powerful

And finally on our list of magical wickedness, we have Disney’s Oz the Great and Powerful. Upon meeting the sisters of the east and west in the beautiful Land of Oz, Oscar Diggs learns the names of these two witches Theodora and Eboniora. But when you see Theodora for the first time, you wonder about why her skin isn’t green and why her name has yet again changed for this movie. And it is somewhat the same for Eboniora between the 2013 Disney movie and the musical. But there is a slight difference we do know about Theodora and Elpaba and that is that Theodora wasn’t born with green skin and only became green skinned was when her sister Eboniora gave her a green apple, which upon taking a bite Theodora’s heart snivelled up and became green skinned.

The Wicked Witches of Oz-What is their true name's
Just something that I wanted to talk about... Enjoy

It was lightly snowing. The ground was covered in a blanket of snow that was no deeper than a few centimetres. I looked out of the shop window that I had started my own tattoo pariler and also worked in magic. It was a slow day for most schools and shops in the town. I looked down at the Jake decides while scratching its head. The bell then rang. I quickly looked up again. A guy in his mid-twenties walked in. His hair was in the dreadlocks style with some beads here and there. The dreadlocks were also tied up, but there was a few hanging over his shoulder onto his chest. This guy’s style altogether was almost like that of Samuel Larsen or even the average white guy that had dreadlocks or that of a guy that rode a skateboard.

"Hi there" I started "what can I do for you today" I further said. "I heard that you deal in tattoos and magic. And I was told that you were the one to go to" the unknown man said.

"Why yes, that's right. Welcome to MadamAqua’s Tattoo's. What would you like done" I asked. He handed me the piece of paper and I looked at it. It was of a retro boombox. I then put the stencil down and turned to the unknown man.

"Where do you want it done?" I asked.

"On my upper back" he responded.

"Ok, that can be done. I can also do it now if you want" I said. He looked at me and then smiled. "Thanks, that would be great" he then responded.

"You can take off your top and lay on the table" I asked him. With one glance of his upper body as he took off his top, I wasn't able to pull my eyes from his ripped body. He had tattoos dotted on other parts of his body, but this was nothing new for him.

"I think you’re really good looking. I would like to be with you. Oh and my name is James" he responded. I looked up at him, surprised at what he said.

"Wow, I never had someone say anything like that to me since before my boyfriend died" I told him. I started tattooing James.

"Before your boyfriend died" James responded.

"I don't like talking about it while I am tattooing someone" I said.

"I am so sorry about that" James told me.

"Don't worry about it James. I get by" I responded. There was silence for a moment, and then there was the buzzing of the needle that broke the silence.

"So what's the deal with these tattoos? Do I have to be thinking of something or someone for it to work" James asked.

"The ink is different to the ink normally used in tattooing. It already knows what each person would want done. That being for love or protection. If for example you wanted a protection tattoo, the ink will start tingling in a certain way. If that person dies the makeup of the tattoo changes. The magic only starts to work once the tattoo starts to heal. Once that happens, you might feel a little strange. I had this method of tattooing done before with my first tattoo" I said.


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