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It was Christmas Eve. Festive songs were playing in the background at the Teen Titans HQ. Cyborg was wrapping the gifts while Starfire and Robin were putting up the Christmas tree. Beastboy was preparing the tofurkey (tofu based turkey) while Raven was in her own meditive state of mind. Beastboy looked over at Raven in wonder at why she was just sitting there.

“Hey Raven” Beastboy yelled out. “Wanna try a small bit of my tofurkey” he further called out. Raven looked over at Beastboy in somewhat disgust.

“I respect that you only eat tofu based meat while you should respect me with eating real meat” Raven then told him. Starfire, Robin and Cyborg then looked at Raven.

"Raven, what is wrong with turkey that is made mainly of tufo that Beastboy speaks off" Starfire had then asked her.

"I was never a tofu person. Even though I only tried it once on Thanksgiving when I was little, and I almost barfed" Raven responded.

"I didn't know you celebrated Thanksgiving Raven" Robin asked.

"Well I do. Let's just say my family wanted to go all tofu mad. Never change what your diet is for more than two months, or you will go 'mad" Raven answered. They said nothing for a moment.

"Don't worry Beastboy; I can make something small for myself in the morning so you don't have to" Raven then spoke out.

"Maybe when we are done here Raven, I could help with making something that is made of real meat" Starfire then told her.

"Eh, thanks" Raven answered.

"And now there is the last gift wrapped" Cyborg yelled out.

"Joyous Cyborg" Starfire sung out “And what about the Silky” she continued. Alarm bells started ringing out instead of festive music. The main screen lit up and on it appeared Starfires sister Blackfire.

"Titans, how are you. Merry Christmas to all of you" she answered.

"Blackfire, why are you here on the eve of gift giving" Starfire asked her sister.

"The Tamaranean guards let me out for Christmas to see only one family member, so I picked you, my baby sister" Blackfire responded.

"You do know that we are not going to let you into our home after what you did the last time sister" Starfire told her sister Blackfire.

"Oh Star, please let me in. I am SO sorry" Blackfire pleaded. There was nothing for a moment.

"I thought you might ask that sister. This is the last time ok" Starfire then spoke out.

"Thank you Star ever so much." Starfire pressed the main door button. There was a silence for a moment through the Christmas music.

“Blackfire, we are still waiting for you to appear” Starfire had then said through the speaker system. There was still silence for a few more minutes.

A Teen Titans Christmas Terror (So Far)

Just an unfinished Christmas themed Teen Titans story that awaits another christmas to get finished. So enjoy what is here for the moment… :3


“Great, just what you needed”. You said as you walked around the shop. That's the last time you stand up to someone like the witch of the waste.

"_____ (your name), you silly girl, what did Lettie tell you? The witch of the waste is roaming the streets of _____ (your hometown)". You then notice that something strange happing to you when you stepped back into the shop front again.

"What's happening to me" you yell out in panic. You start hobbling over to a mirror that was sitting in one part of the room. You start to panic after you see your reflection in the mirror. You hobble in and out of the shop and the backyard, trying to calm yourself down. You finally decide on going to bed in the hope that you would wake up from this bad dream.


-Time shift-


You hear the faint sound of your stepmother’s voice as she enters the back room where all the other girls were working. The excitement in all their voices makes you wonder what they are happy to see other than your stepmother.

"_____ (your name)" your stepmother calls out twice, before one of the other girls responds.

"She said she had to leave to go look for a friend of hers" another girl said.


You quietly make your way to the kitchen so you could pack a small bag of food for when you got hungry while looking for Howl's castle. You sneak out the back way in the hope that no one in the shop would find you in the current state or even ask who you were if they saw you in the building even.


You kept wishing that you had brought that walking stick that your grandmother had with you. You then saw what looked like a branch, but instead it was a scarecrow. You took one look at it from top to bottom and noticed that it had a turnip for a head. You then notice that it had a walking stick on one of its arms. With one single hop, the scarecrow dropped the stick and you were on your way. You finally come across what you have been looking for, Howl's castle when you heard a thudding noise from behind you. It was the scarecrow. It had been following you all this way after you took out of the bush.


You go to the only way in. The door slightly opened and you walked in. The fire was going and the place was so clean, it looked like the castle was never lived in at all. You then hear a small voice coming from the fireplace. Picking up a few blocks of firewood you threw them onto the fire. The voice started to get louder until a flame with two eyes and a mouth appeared in it. It looked at you.

"Who are you lady?" It asked.

"Eh, my name is _____ (your name)". You then hear a small voice coming from the fireplace. Picking up a few blocks of firewood you threw them onto the fire. You then notice a dial on the wall just beside the door clicked to the colour green and in came a young boy and a blond haired man.


"Hello there" the man said. "What's your name?"

"Oh I'm the new house keeper, but you can call me Grandma _____ (your name).

"How very nice to meet you _____ (your name), my name is Howl and this is Michael" he started “Calsifer, your cooking” Howl finished.

“She is making me” Calsifer responded.

“Not just anyone can do that” Howl told him.

"It's nice to meet you _____ (your name). Let me show you to your room" the young boy named Michael had said.


You later return down to the main room that you walked into and met Howl and Michael that afternoon. Howl had already left the castle to go somewhere while Michael was running round making odd potions and putting them into little bottles and bags. Michael looks over at you.

"Oh hello _____ (your name), Howl just had to do some things in _____ (different town or city) and he won't be back for awhile" Michael had told you once you got to the bottom of the stairs. You look over at a picture of Howl and another young woman.

"Michael, can I ask you something. Who is that young woman in the picture with Howl?"

"Her name was Sophie. She left Howl not so long ago".

"Whatever happened between them?"

"Howl wanted to get married but Sophie didn't".

"How long did they know each other?"

"They met a few years ago, and then a few weeks back, Howl asked her to marry him but she said no and left". You look away from the pictures and over at the door.


Weeks passed and you remained a little old cleaning lady. Howl comes flying into the room one bright sunny day with a gleam in his eye.

"_____ (your name), I know how I can help you become young again. Will you marry me?" He asked.

"Yes" you responded.

Head for the Hills - Howl X Artist/ Reader
Something I had started shortly after I had cosplayed Howl from "Howl's Moving Castle"... Enjoy

It was lightly snowing. The ground was covered in a blanket of snow that was no deeper than a few centimetres. I looked out of the shop window that I had started my own tattoo pariler and also worked in magic. It was a slow day for most schools and shops in the town. I looked down at the Jake decides while scratching its head. The bell then rang. I quickly looked up again. A guy in his mid-twenties walked in. His hair was in the dreadlocks style with some beads here and there. The dreadlocks were also tied up, but there was a few hanging over his shoulder onto his chest. This guy’s style altogether was almost like that of Samuel Larsen or even the average white guy that had dreadlocks or that of a guy that rode a skateboard.

"Hi there" I started "what can I do for you today" I further said. "I heard that you deal in tattoos and magic. And I was told that you were the one to go to" the unknown man said.

"Why yes, that's right. Welcome to MadamAqua’s Tattoo's. What would you like done" I asked. He handed me the piece of paper and I looked at it. It was of a retro boombox. I then put the stencil down and turned to the unknown man.

"Where do you want it done?" I asked.

"On my upper back" he responded.

"Ok, that can be done. I can also do it now if you want" I said. He looked at me and then smiled. "Thanks, that would be great" he then responded.

"You can take off your top and lay on the table" I asked him. With one glance of his upper body as he took off his top, I wasn't able to pull my eyes from his ripped body. He had tattoos dotted on other parts of his body, but this was nothing new for him.

"I think you’re really good looking. I would like to be with you. Oh and my name is James" he responded. I looked up at him, surprised at what he said.

"Wow, I never had someone say anything like that to me since before my boyfriend died" I told him. I started tattooing James.

"Before your boyfriend died" James responded.

"I don't like talking about it while I am tattooing someone" I said.

"I am so sorry about that" James told me.

"Don't worry about it James. I get by" I responded. There was silence for a moment, and then there was the buzzing of the needle that broke the silence.

"So what's the deal with these tattoos? Do I have to be thinking of something or someone for it to work" James asked.

"The ink is different to the ink normally used in tattooing. It already knows what each person would want done. That being for love or protection. If for example you wanted a protection tattoo, the ink will start tingling in a certain way. If that person dies the makeup of the tattoo changes. The magic only starts to work once the tattoo starts to heal. Once that happens, you might feel a little strange. I had this method of tattooing done before with my first tattoo" I said.


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